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Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Everyone will love viewing the farm animals in the paddocks. With many cute and cuddly new additions during the year, you can often see baby lambs, pig-lets and chicks as they totter around the farm-yard or frolick in the fields.

Our draught horses are in retirement and are kept company by two cheeky donkeys, Neddy and Ernie. See sheep and lambs aswell as pigs, ducks, bronze turkeys, geese, hens and chicks, including an extensive display of pure breeds (and some rare breeds too). You may also be able to see a cow and calf depending on the season.

For the poultry enthusiasts, we have a great hand-crafted hen house which we call “The Hen Hotel” for our pure breed hens. You can sit and enjoy the “hen politics” at a seated viewing area where extensive information panels give you details on each pure breed.

For more information or to make a group booking contact 0404 46000